3. Roll & Release.

Rest & Recovery
By: DOSE Running

Tennis ball, massage ball, golf ball… what ever is available, make it your tool. If you have a foam roller handy, now is the time!
Viola leads you through a lovely Roll & Release.
For best effect, be gentle with yourself.
You might discover an area of your body that needs a little more TLC on a regular basis, so don’t threat that 30 minutes isn’t achievable on the reg, you can integrate this in 5 minute doses too.
Personally I use a golf ball to roll out my feet 2-3 times a week, often early in the morning while the kettle is boiling (lemon ginger for life ;p) or if I’m winding down in the evening and the TV is on.

Foam rolling has been shown to have very short term benefits, hence I recommend using it as a tool before a run if you have any muscle soreness.
That said, if the sensation and mindfulness of foam rolling eases your nervous system, those ‘short’ term benefits are likely to be long term and highly beneficial…