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The ultimate transformative experience for those who are new to running, returning to running or seeking to stride beyond their comfort zone.
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The ultimate transformative experience for those who are new to running, returning to running or seeking to stride beyond their comfort zone.
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The ultimate transformative experience for those who are new to running, returning to running or seeking to stride beyond their comfort zone.
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What We Value

Running like you’ve never experienced before. We value you, the recreational runner. 

Built upon our three key wellbeing pillars, movement, nature and community, DOSE focuses on supporting you to enjoy the process and the progress, inevitably transpiring across other areas of your life.

We want you to feel balanced, confident, energised and elated.

DOSE Running unites the sports science of running with the art of coaching, communicating, and supporting and challenging you appropriately.

We simplify the process and take away the mental load of planning, doubting, and training errors.

We empower you with the tools and information so that not only do you understand the training principals but also experience their effectiveness. 

We mix up the pace, intensity, distance, duration, terrain and ensure you experience variety.

We’re on a mission to turn your intention into a behaviour, nurture it into to a practice, then a habit, until it becomes second nature. Eventually it’s simply part of who you are and how you live.

is an organic chemical which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior.
Running releases dopamine, improving your mood, sleep,memory, learning, concentration and motor control.

Oxytocin is another healthy hormone created in your brain. Increasing oxytocin decreases cortisol, inflammation, stress, blood pressure and depression, whilst increasing our experience of pleasure.

It’s a powerful substance needed for and nurtured by socialising and group exercising.

We love a good high five and are also known to embrace hugs.

Running is known to positively influence serotonin levels in our brain. This boosts mood, sense of wellbeing, can improve our appetite and sleep cycle, helping us find balance.

Running releases a range of ‘happy’ chemicals called endorphins, they interact with the receptors in your brain that influence your perception of pain, plus they trigger a positive feeling in the body…
the runners high!

Join the DOSE Movement Library

Online access anywhere anytime, the growing DOSE Movement Library has over 50 run specific Pilates videos that prime your body for the demands of running, keep you strong and stable yet mobile and free, assist recovery, improve performance, and reduce your risk of injury. 

Choose from a standalone subscription, gain access with any cohort run course or add it to your self-paced run program. All new members will receive the DOSE Movement Kit with tools to make your movement more efficient and effective so you can spend more time running!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t see the answer to your question? 

Press below for FAQ regarding DOSE Perth, Run Programs, Movement Library, Shop, General and more.

Ever dreamt of calling yourself a runner or felt uncomfortable calling yourself a runner, chances are you’re a novice which excites us to no end because we’re going to guide you through a course that has you to saying it with confidence.

A recreational runner is someone who runs regularly but isn’t obsessively focused with a performance outcome. They embrace the running lifestyle for reasons that aren’t always measurable, they value balance and working towards a goal. Sometimes recreational runners enjoy 5km’s whist other recreational runners enjoy marathons.

Each program specifies the goal distance, along with a level (1, 2 or 3).

Start with choosing a goal distance (5km, 10km or 21.1km).

Then click on the program to read about the pre-requisite guide, the program commitment, frequency and more.

Cohort courses such as the Running Reimagined collection have a set starting date so that you have the support of both your coach and the community as you progress through each week. They also include our state-of-the-art Movement Kit, which includes all the exercise props carefully chosen to elevate your training.

Run program Courses allow you to start instantly, with course content releasing each week. It does not provide coach and community support but is designed for you to work your way through with structure, flexibility and supporting resources that align with your run program.

We are purely focused on novice and recreational runners, having helped thousands experience success since establishing DOSE in late 2018. Our programs are highly comprehensive with detailed guidance on intensity, duration, recovery along with resources and coach assistance to help you understand the what’s why’s and how’s if you’re interested. They’re more than a run program, they equip you with the knowledge and tools to make running a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle moving forward. 

We strongly advice addressing injuries with a Physiotherapist or Sports Doctor before commencing a training program. For those who have been ‘injury prone’ in the past, our programs safely increase the running load to reduce the risk of injury. Most running related injuries are due to training errors (doing too much too hard too soon etc). If you have any medical concerns always consult your health specialist before commencing a fitness regime.

Yes. For services that include the Movement Kit, shipping within Australia is included. For international shipments there is an additional fee.

Our run programs are predominantly time based (for a magnitude of reasons) but this is also helpful for those who don’t have a sports/GPS watch.

Some services include the DOSE Movement kit, comprised of amazing tools for supporting, challenging, and enhancing your movement sessions. The library also includes prop-free videos just in case your kit is still on its way to you!

Sometimes we utilise commonly accessible ‘equipment’ such as a chair or foam roller.

Scarlett Duncan will be with you throughout your entire Cohort Course. 

Scarlett is an ultra-marathon runner, an Athletics Australia qualified coach, Accredited Pilates Instructor and holds a BSc of Preventative Health Specialising in Exercise and Sport Science.

More than that, she’s an extremely passionate and compassionate coach who loves to work with novice and recreational runners.

With over 10 years coaching experience, and 3 years of full time dedication, she’s as true as you get. See what her runners say.