Taste test any of our DOSE Adult Recreational RUN Sessions for $29 within 14 days of purchase!

Each and every session is different, so why not try a few? Coach Scarlett will modify sessions appropriate to your ability & goals.

Not sure what class to start with? Check the schedule or ask Scarlett@doserunning.com.au

“when we run, our spirits fly”

What we value

Running like you’ve never experienced before, we appreciate that your optimal DOSE of running might be different to that of the person next to you! We’re all about supporting and challenging you appropriately, no matter if you’re a beginner or an established runner, slow or fast, run for lifestyle or if you’ve got some big goals to conquer.

We mix up the pace, intensity, distance, duration and terrain, ensuring variety!

DOSE Running is so much more than simply running, we want you to experience the benefits of community, nature, efficient running technique and pain free running so that we can celebrate the small and the big wins alongside you. It’s about much more than looking good, we want you to FEEL good, feel strong, confident, happy and apply all of this to life!


Dopamine is an organic chemical which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behaviour.
Running releases dopamine, improving your mood, sleep,memory, learning, concentration and motor control.


Oxytocin is another healthy hormone created in your brain. Increasing oxytocin decreases cortisol, inflammation, stress, blood pressure and depression, whilst increasing our experience of pleasure.
It’s a powerful substance needed for and nurtured by socialising and group exercising.
We love a good high five and are also known to embrace hugs.


Running is known to positively influence serotonin levels in our brain. This boosts mood, sense of wellbeing, can improve our appetite and sleep cycle, helping us find balance.


Running releases a range of ‘happy’ chemicals called endorphins, they interact with the receptors in your brain that influence your perception of pain, plus they trigger a positive feeling in the body…
the runners high!

Meet Our Coaches

“I love creating an environment that helps people enjoy and improve their running. Whatever their age or standard, I get a lot of pleasure from watching my clients achieve their goals.”

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Meeting up with you is like running with a friend only better because you push me past talking point which many would think isn’t possible! You are such a delightful, enthusiastic person and I hope some of your energy runs off on me.

Donnelle Hestelow


Scarlett is an energetic and highly competent run coach. She has so much positive energy, it really motivates me to do the best I can. I am constantly impressed by her attention to detail and her ability to find interesting and scenic run routes for us.

Justine Leavy


I joined in with this fantastic running group with coach Scarlett Duncan who caters for all levels, fun and hard. If you’re in the hood and want to run, come and join us.

Kate Barnes

Sam Orrett

Being part of this fantastic community has built my strength and confidence to believe I am a runner.

Sam Orrett

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Frequently Asked Questions


Didn’t find the answer?

Contact us with your query and we will come straight back to you!

How fit do I have to be before I start?

Beginners: If you’re new to running or returning after a long hiatus, our Tuesday morning ‘Learn & Return to Run’ class, our Thursday morning ‘Activate, Strengthen & Lengthen’ and our Thursday evening HIIT class is the place to start! If you don’t feel confident, we recommend a private session(s) first up.

Established: All classes are suitable for the established runner, typically our Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday classes attract the established runner and those following our FULL DOSE programs. Established runners also benefit from ‘Activate, Strengthen & Lengthen’ and can gain a lot of knowledge from our ‘Learn & Return to Run’ class, especially if you’re injury prone. Let us know your running goals and we’ll make sure that you are challenged!

What if I’m not a runner?

Not true!!

DOSE Running is passionate about helping you reach your potential. We all start somewhere, and we all progress at different rates.

If you run, you’re a runner!

How far do you run at each session?

The distance we cover in each session varies depending on both the nature of the session (for example, an interval session versus a long steady run), and also your pace and fitness.

We will easily modify the session to cater for your fitness level.

During an interval session we generally cover anywhere from 4 to 8 kilometres (with lots of time for rest!) The same session will see all our runners cover different distances. This ensures that each individual is supported, yet also challenged appropriately.

Do you run for the entire hour?


There is so much more to a session than just “running”.

Each session includes:

  • Warm up, comprising of drills, technique work and running specific exercises
  • Intervals
  • Cool down
  • Stretches and dynamic movment

Will I get left behind?

Nobody gets left behind, that’s our promise!

We are passionate about making running an enjoyable and inclusive experience; you’ll have fun while keeping fit!

What if I can’t keep up?

There is always the option to walk.

Run-walk-run is an effective, safe and smart way to build up your fitness.

At every session there are multiple options and you will be guided as to which one you should follow.

What do I need to bring?

  • A smile
  • Wear comfortable exercise gear and running shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Watch (if you have one, but it’s not necessary)
  • Yoga/exercise mat is required at some classes, you will be notified in your confirmation email when you book a class.

Why should I join DOSE Running?

We’ll keep you accountable

We’ll be waiting for you at the start, and at the end you’ll be glad you resisted the

temptation to hit snooze on that alarm. You’ll quickly get in to a routine and you’ll be well on the way to achieving your health, fitness and running goals.

You’ll be supported and challenged

There is a fine balance between being challenged and supported. Scarlett and her coaches will guide you and support you, but make sure that you are also challenged appropriately.

Scarlett is well aware of the different reasons people run, so if you have a PB in mind she’ll make you work for it; if you’re returning to running to regain health and fitness after starting a family, she’ll make sure you sweat and smile; and if you’ve never run before she’ll ensure that you want to keep coming back!

We’ll keep it interesting

There is variety in everything we do; intensity, distance, duration, session, terrain, drills, scenery … the lot! We promise that you’ll never be bored, and neither will your body.

We provide a sense of community

Come down and meet people who care about their physical and mental wellbeing. You’ll feel a sense of shared purpose as you stride toward your running and fitness goals.

As we say, teamwork makes the dream work!

You will improve

Commit to training and we guarantee that you will see and feel improvements in your running.

Our training programs are designed to reduce the risk of injury, develop efficient running form and increase fitness levels.

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