About Us

What Is DOSE Running®

With intent DOSE Running® was created to share the science, art and love for running to all those who are new to running, returning to running or seeking to stride beyond their comfort zone.

DOSE Running delivers the most comprehensive online running programs and courses.

Our unique approach is holistic and we value support and structure yet acknowledge the need for flexibility.

We enhance the run experience with offerings including running specific Pilates and movement, coach and community support, should you want it.

Established in Perth in late 2019, DOSE has helped thousands of runners find a sense of ease, enjoyment, and success.

First it’s an intention, then a practice, than a habit.

Soon it becomes second nature.

Eventually, it’s simply part of who you are and how you live


About Scarlett Duncan

DOSE Running® was founded by head coach, Scarlett Duncan in late 2019.

Scarlett holds a bachelors degree in Preventative Health Specialising in Exercise and Sport Science.

She’s an Athletics Australia Qualified Coach, Accredited Pilates Instructor, Ultra-marathoner and PASSIONATE Coach.

With over 10 years of coaching experience, and despite having a natural talent for running, she is known for her compassionate and caring approach, guiding aspiring and recreational runners develop a sustainable and enjoyable relationship with running.

Scarlett has a special interest in movement as a whole and uses Pilates exercises to help runners translate strength, mobility and alignment across to their running technique and ability to adapt to the demands of running.

Her run programming is tried and tested, paired with complimenting informative resources to match the run programs, whilst stripping away the chaos so that her runners can focus on what’s important.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to ensure aspiring and recreational runners have a positive run experience, one that allows their newfound running success and momentum to transpire across into other areas of their lives, to feel balanced, confident and elated.

Our Values

We value health and happiness, and the power that movement, nature and community play in supporting this.




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