Online Run Programs

Cohort Courses

Cohort courses are perfect for those who really want the support of a community, but the flexibility to execute training when suits them.

It’s about enjoying both the PROCESS & the PROGRESS!

Our signature 12 week course includes

  • Comprehensive & detailed 12 week running program
  • On-demand Movement Library (12 week access)
  • Movement Kit
  • Coach & Community Support
  • Bonus course material

You’ll have access to your 12 week run course for 6 months, plus you can download your program and course material.

Online Running Program & Coaching

Running Reimagined is my online running program and coaching service, where you get a fully tailored experience that meets you exactly where you are, and helps you enjoy the process as you work towards your running goal.

This isn’t just a running program, this is next level support, including:

  • Personal training plan
  • Coach support, I’m alongside you the entire way
  • Live program, accessible to you on the app, on desktop and synced with your sports watch, making sessions hassle free
  • Access to all your real time data
  • Detailed session prescription, including intensity distribution, heart rate zones and personal pace guides
  • Ongoing schedule adjustments

Now it’s time to book your complimentary coach call with Scarlett. This no obligation onboarding call will give you the opportunity to get to know Scarlett and ask any questions about her coaching approach. She’ll also go through all your training and/or racing experience, injury history, life commitments and all things relevant to ensuring you have an awesome training experience


Running Reimagined has previously been delivered in a cohort format, with so many people wanting to take action in the now rather than waiting, Running Reimagined is now a fully personal service so you can start right away.

Every runner deserves to be supported and challenged appropriately. We do this by

Structure + Flexibility

The most comprehensive program, carefully structured to take away your mental load.

It’s matched with flexibility so you can work it in with your life.

You can choose to start straight away or sign up with a cohort and move through together.

Coach & Community Support

Connect with your DOSE community to share you progress, celebrate your wins (big and small), ask questions and thrive!

Regular live Q&A with coach Scarlett on all things training, mindset and motivation.

Via Facebook: optional not essential

Injury Prevention for pain free running.

A balanced program that safely increases the training load, guides you through intensity, duration, distance, and recovery is vital to minimise your risk of injury.

We encourage all our runners to subscribe to the Movement Library to enjoy optimum movement to further support your running.

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