DOSE Run Programs & Courses

DOSE Run Programs & Courses

Cohort Courses, such as our signature series ‘Running Reimagined 5, 10, 21.1km’ commence on a set date, meaning you’ll move through each week with a community of runners and coach support. Other perks include 12 week access to the on-demand Movement Library and a Movement Kit, making cohort courses the ultimate package.


DOSE Run Programs are available to commence at any time, suiting those who want to start immediately or time their training exactly 12 weeks out from an event. The DOSE Run programs don’t come with coach or community support, but do cut the chaos, taking the mental load away from you so you can focus on your running, career, family and social life. Suited to the more independent runner, these programs come at a discounted rate. For a more holistic experience you can add-on a Movement Library Subscription with a Movement Kit.


Both options include bonus course material (downloadable pdfs) that align with your running program and 6-month access to your run course material.

*Cohort Course Movement Library access is included for 12 weeks.

Not to worry, we know life happens! You’ll have access to your run program and it’s supporting course material for 6 months.

Select your desired DOSE Program or Cohort Course (i.e. Running Reimagined 5km, 10km or half-marathon’ and click ‘read more’.

For example, within Running Reimagined each distance has 3 levels to choose from, with a pre-requisite guide, required frequency and commitment, program goal.

Yes, the DOSE experience is a journey not merely a destination. We suspect that with your newfound strength & confidence you might find yourself re-assessing and be tempted to participate in a fun run or virtual run. Either way you can tackle the goal distance yourself or simply celebrate the progress you’ve made and the lifestyle you’ve adapted to.

No, we recommend addressing your injury with the appropriate expert such as a Physiotherapist before commencing a program or course. 

Yes. If you’ve been cleared to resume running then you are welcome to join. We recommend you increase the running load gradually (i.e. don’t just jump into the same amount of running as you were doing when you got injured). Even for the most naturally gifted runner, the risk of injury increases dramatically when the load (volume, intensity, distance, frequency) is increased too quickly. 

A sports watch with GPS and a heart rate monitor is recommended, however our programs are designed so that you can simply use a watch with a timer. 

If you’re doing a cohort program, you will be supplied with a Movement Kit which includes all your Pilates props. A exercise/yoga mat is recommended.

We sometimes utilise commonly owned items such as foam rollers, a chair, stairs, or a wall.

Absolutely, when designing this course they were two of our biggest priorities. Once your program or course commences, new content is released each week. You’ll also have access to the run course material for 6 months. It’s all accessible any-where anytime, and you can execute you sessions on the days and times that suit you, we provide thorough guidance around this.

FAQ DOSE Movement Library

Yes, Coach Scarlett is a qualified Pilates Instructor and guides you through each exercise and workout, including ways to assist or challenge you depending on your ability. The Movement Kit is packed full of tools that can support, assist or challenge movement to help you get the most out of it.

Pilates for runners addresses the specific needs of the runner, including single leg strength and stability, maintaining, or enhancing mobility in the hips and spine, tapping into and training elastic recoil (responsible for up to 50% of the propulsive force in every step) are just a few examples. It may or may not be a surprise to you to know that hanging out in deep hamstring stretches isn’t necessarily beneficial for a runner, in fact leg stiffness can be an advantage.

Typically runners love running and happily avoid all the ‘other stuff’ or simply just don’t know what to do or when to do it. Our Movement Library is designed to reduce your risk of running related injuries, enhance your technique, performance and help you move with a greater sense of ease and comfort.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by rest days, Pilates can be a great tool to stay active, enjoy movement to assist recovery.

We prioritise efficiency and effectiveness. Our workouts vary in length from 5 minutes through to 30 minutes. Our filtering features make it easy to specify and select the workout length, equipment and when it’s best utilised, such as before or after running, or on a rest day.

We recommend you have a yoga/exercise mat.

We provide all new members with a Movement Kit, which includes: 2 x Loop Resistance Bands, a Power Band, Pilates Ball and Sliding disks all encased in your very own DOSE travel satchel (valued at $99).

We occasionally utilise accessible props such as a chair, wall, step or foam roller and a release or tennis ball.

The library contains ‘no equipment’ workouts too, simply apply the filter to see your choices. These are perfect for when your Movement Kit is on it’s way to you. 

No, at the end of your three months you will no longer have access to the library. You can re-subscript to the library with ‘Movement Monthly’ for just $108, which you can cancel at anytime, otherwise it will auto-renew every 3 months.

Yes! The growing library is available on-demand. You will need internet to stream the videos and a suitable device such as your smartphone, ipad or computer.


Coach expertise ensures your running training is balanced to minimise risk of injury and enhance performance. Scarlett’s personal touch means you can rest assured you’ll be supported and challenged appropriately, your goals and optimum dose will be respected, making your running enjoyable and sustainable. 

Community & connection DOSE has a strong, inclusive community of caring, proactive, intelligent, and engaging people. It’s a place of opportunity, networking and inspiration.

Accountability & Motivation makes good intentions transpire into healthy habits and a healthy way of life. Be it training before sunrise in winter, or joining a team event, your coach and community are with you stride by stride.

Variety & Adventure we’re known for surprising locals about their own backyard tracks, we never repeat the same session within a month, we prime the body with run specific drills that make you feel amazing and let’s face it, you’d never do them otherwise.

Mental load of planning and organising is no longer your worry. With a team of busy professionals who value their careers, family and social life, we remove all the hassle. Just book in and show up.

Sports watch is encouraged, not essential.

Exercise/yoga mat if specified in your classes’ description.

Headtorch in winter – we also opt for lit areas.

With classes for beginners, recreational, enduro and all abilities there is something for everyone. Within each session there is typically two modifications (you’ll never be singled out). Our Sunday ‘Long Steady Run’ is the only run on the schedule where you run for the entire 50mins – 2hrs (depending on your training goals). Our Tempo and Interval based sessions include a long and comfortable warm-up run, then your coach will guide you through your session specifics, including repetitions, distance, intensity and more. A typical class includes a warm-up run, run specific drills, the run set followed by a cool down and stretch.


All sales are final however we offer refunds for any faulty equipment purchases (photo evidence and a receipt are required, in some circumstances we will request the product be returned to us for investigation). We do accept size changes for apparel, and it is the customers responsibility to return the item in its original condition and pay postage costs associated with returning the product.

We aim to ship your Movement Kit or DOSE Merchandise to you within 48 hours of signing up. We currently ship using Australia Post. Shipping within Australia is included.

We do not ship internationally. For international shipment requests please contact us directly at [email protected]

Shipping costs are non-refundable and we recommend using a tracked shipping method to return your item. We accept no responsibility for returned items until they are delivered to us.

You can clean your Movement Kit products by spraying a gentle cloth with dish soap diluted in water. Do not soak, machine wash or dry with heat. Alcohol based cleaning products, bleach, baby wipes and harsh chemicals are not suitable for cleaning your equipment.

Store in a cool dry place.

Avoid contact with direct sunlight.

Over time, the regular use of the equipment will lead to standard wear and tear.

Do not use if the products appear warn or damaged.