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DOSE Running is thrilled to deliver FRESH, FUN & EVIDENCE BASED running running coaching to your school!


Our sessions are designed to improve technique, coordination, agility and endurance, while having fun at the same time!

Every child deserves to feel supported and challenged, all sessions offer ‘challenger’ options be it running extra distance, an added hill, staggered starts and more, which also allows others to enjoy a longer recovery without being sidelined or left behind!


Classes are lead by:
Qualified & Passionate Coach, State Champion, Ultra-marathoner, Scarlett Duncan
(BSc Health Science spec. Exercise & Sport Science).
Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) member
10+ years of coaching experience
Working With Children Checks & First Aid.

Assited By

Our assistant coaches have a background in or are currently studying Physio, Exercise & Sport Science, Exercise Physiology, Education or Medicine, and have a passion for helping kids thrive and enjoy running.

Working With Children Checks & First Aid.


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KIDS ADVENTURE RUNNING (after-school club)

Want DOSE Running at your school?

Please email our passionate and experienced head coach

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  • Those with a medical condition must provide a written action plan to the coach and provide any appropriate medication.
  • Asthma – Asthmatics will be required to bring an asthma puffer regardless of the perceived risk of an attack. Participation will be denied without refund if medication is not carried, we appreciate your understanding as we take the safety of children very seriously. Coaches can carry medication on behalf of your child.
  • We run in all weather conditions with the exception of lightening storms. On rainy days kids are welcome to wear a rain jacket, and remember to pack a spare set of dry clothes for school.