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Private Session​

Private Session

Scarlett utilises her BSc in Preventative Health Specialising in Exercise and Sport Science, her special interest and training in movement, Strength & Conditioning and Pilates qualification to offer well-rounded and effective private sessions and/or programming.

Scarlett can assist with

  • Technique & Running Gait
  • Economy & Efficiency
  • Performance goals
  • Health & lifestyle goals
  • Programming & load management 
  • Identifying injury contributor factors
  • Addressing injury contributor factors
  • Referring to appropriate allied health professionals when appropriate, such as a sports dietician or physiotherapist.
  • Personalising a run primer routine to prepare you for the demands of running

The approach and philosophy held by Scarlett ensures clients walk away from just one session both understanding and experiencing a noticeable change, paired with the appropriate tactics to support the continued implementation following their session.

Scarlett’s goal is to get you running with a sense of ease and efficiency without frequent private sessions.

Her approach allows runners to implement and adapt to the advised inventions, before returning to review and progress the runner. After all, running is a skill, and the way that we absorb impact, load, and utilise elasticity and energy can all be trained.

There is no one formula, no single way to run, move or train. Scarlett acknowledges both the differences in anatomy, life stage and experience can all play in. She can adapt her training cues and tactics to elicit effective adjustments from her runners.

Online Personal Programs with Expert Coach Support

Scarlett utilises her BSc in Preventative Health Specialising in Exercise and Sport Science, background in Health Research & Academia at Curtin University, 10+ years of run coaching, a lifetime of running experience, not to mention, dedicating her career to running, meaning you benefit from the latest sports science research, evidence-informed programming and her focus and dedication to elevating what it means to be a run coach. 

You might be surprised to know that the biggest injury risk factor is NOT poor technique, rather its training error (load exceeds capacity), such as doing too much too soon or too hard. 

  • Sync workouts with your device

Seamless integration of structured workouts from your program to your device so that you can execute your training with ease and precision.

  • Periodised Training

For performance and for longevity (health), periodisation is a structured way that looks over and ties together your overall training to help you reach peak performance for your event. It’s a long term plan that achieves desired physiological adaptation through sufficient stimulus and recovery.

  • Personal exercise prescription 

You’ll be provided with your very own personal pace guides, heart rate zones, durations, distances, intensity and load distribution. 

  • Coach Support

Along with the detailed data allowing me to track training execution, response and progress, I equally value the qualitative data (i.e. the chats  you and I have), so you can check in, ask questions as you go ad train with confidence.

  • Accountability 
A combination of coach support and app syncing, I’ll know when you’ve missed, executed or partially completed your training session.  I’ll work with you to strike the right balance between being challenging and achievable, and make modifications as needed.

This is best suited to the runner who needs flexibility, expert support and guidance. Scarlett has helped runners achieve sub 3 hour marathons, ultra-marathons and supported those starting from scratch to achieve and exceed their 5km, 10km and half marathon events. 

Choose appointment ‘RUNNING REIMAGINED’ 

Onboarding for athletes wishing to commence online programming and coaching in June opens on the 10th of May. Please follow the appointment booking prompts to book your Running Reimagined complimentary strategy call with Scarlett.

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