About The Movement Library

New Virtual Library

Welcome to our virtual online studio where you can access a dose of Pilates and movement designed especially for runners, anywhere, anytime.

Offering 7 movement categories, each carefully designed to address the demands of running, enhance your movement experience, and enable you to run with a sense of ease.

Access Anywhere Anytime

Easy to apply filters so you know when to utilise it and what’s best for you.


Prehab Exercises

[<5 mins]

An assortment of singular exercises and mini exercise tutorials. Each exercise will address a key muscle group that runners rely on to reduce risk of injury, optimise economy and efficiency, and therefore performance.


[5 – 15 mins]

Feel run ready with quick, simple yet interesting pre-run activation exercises. Engage and switch on
muscles that will assist with strength and stability. Prime your body with pre-run activation


[5 – 15 mins]

Mobility is about actively moving the joints through range of motion to reduce the feeling of stiffness, access more strength and power and run with a sense of ease.

Rest & Recover

[20-30 mins]​

Perfect for rest days, our R&R sessions are the perfect active recovery for runners. They’re gentle, low impact, low intensity & are designed to increase body awareness, support good posture, breathing, flexibility and intelligent mindful movement.

Strengthen & Lengthen Full Body

[20-30 mins]​

S&L is a strong full body, low impact Pilates session to compliment your running training. To run well we need to move well, and let’s face it, life’s much more enjoyable when we feel strong, confident and can move with a sense of ease.

Plyo & Run Specific Drills

[ 5 – 10 mins]

Integrating run mechanics that allow you to safely absorb impact, store & utilise energy by effectively by tapping onto elastic properties of our muscles and tendons. These are perfect to prime your body before any run, in particular intervals and tempo’s.

All runners, no matter what your pace or distance should incorporate cross-training in some capacity. We make it easy for you!

Structure + Flexibility

Access on mobile or desktop anytime, anywhere.

Our filters make it easy to find exactly what you’re after (including if it’s best integrated before or after your run). Plus you can ‘favourite’ your most loved sessions.

Efficiency is vital so you can choose from 5 minutes through to 30 minute sessions.

Injury Prevention for pain free running

As runners, we’re unique in our need for strength, stability, and mobility. The movement library is designed for the runner to enhance performance, promote recovery, breathing for endurance, posture, and form, as well as allowing you to move with ease and comfort day to day.

Economy, efficiency & ease.

Access included with any DOSE Running Course + Movement Kit

For the ultimate run experience the Movement Library access is included with any Run Cohort Course purchase. 

New members receive their very own DOSE Movement Kit full of essential enhancing props.

Movement Library Membership Options

Intro Offer

3 months Movement Library access
Movement Kit* (RRP $99)

*for new members only.


Movement Monthly

3 months access
Billed in advance
Auto-renews, cancel anytime


Movement Library included in all Cohort Courses

The Movement Library + Movement Kit is included in any 12 week cohort course, such as ‘RUNNING REIMAGINED’.

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