Adult Rec Timetable


Our Pricing

Intro Offer (Perth)


Casual Class

$23 per session

10 Class Run Pack (Perth)

$140 per pack

Unlimited Running (Perth)

$120 per month

Brief Description

We keep running fresh and interesting by ensuring variety in sessions, drills, intensity, duration, terrain, distance and scenery. Learn to move and run with comfort and ease by integrating technique work, strength and mobility to your running regime. Worried about being too slow? Don’t be. We have entry level classes including Learn & Return to Run. Goal digger? Got your eyes on a new distance or event, let’s make it happen! Watch out, this is running how you’ve never experienced it before, prepare to be inspired! All you have to do is wake up, lace up, show up, and we’ll be with you stride by stride.

We mix up the pace, intensity, distance, duration and terrain, ensuring variety!

Dose Running is so much more than simply running, we want you to experience the benefits of community, nature, efficient running technique and pain free running so that we can celebrate the small and the big wins alongside you. It’s about much more than looking good, we want you to FEEL good, feel strong, confident, happy and apply all of this to life!

Ability Levels


No set pace, walk-run is acceptable in this class.

Distance typically ranges between 1-3km, and includes frequent stationary or walk recovery.

The session will always be modified to suit your needs and you will never be left behind.

We take extra time & care setting the foundations and incorporate Pilates.


Vast range of abilities, with runners pacing between 4.00/km –6.30/km.

Distance typically ranges between 5-8km.

The session typically offers 2-3 variations so that each person is challenged and supported appropriately.


Suited to established runners training for half marathon, marathon, and ultra events.

Discuss your goals with the coach.

Enduro is designed to support the needs of athletes who need high volume and frequency at low intensity.

All Abilities

All abilities means all abilities!

We’re crafty at making sure everyone is included, challenged and supported.

Detailed class descriptions

  • Coastal Intervals
  • Meet: Swanbourne Reserve (as of 22nd November & throughout summer)

Kick start your week with mixed pace running through the beautiful Swanbourne coastline and greenery (this is not a sand based session). This session ensures variety, week in week out you’ll be inspired as we mix up the pace, distance & intensity of the session. Drills and technique are implemented into every session. Interval training is a fun way to get and keep fit!

  • Learn & Return to Run
  • Meet: Manners Hill Park, Peppermint Grove (large pavilion).
  • Essential: BYO towel or exercise/ yoga mat

Developing proper running technique is vital for efficient, pain-free running. Learn running specific warm-ups, dynamic & fun running sets as well as how to cool down for optimal recovery. This is a space to be content with where you are at right now and enjoy the process as we gently put you through your paces and help you develop a strong running foundation.

  • Running Intervals & Threshold Running
  • Meet: Tom Perrott Reserve, Mosman Park.

Technique, drills and a mix of intervals & threshold running, predominantly along the swan river.

This session is notorious for showing the locals pockets of their own back yard that they didn’t even know about.

  • Activate, Strengthen & Lengthen
  • Meet: Manners Hill Park, Peppermint Grove

BYO Yoga/ Exercise Mat

This class is designed to activate and strengthen running specific muscles and supporting muscles, whilst incorporating mobility and flexibility so you can walk away feeling stronger with a sense of ease, and take that into your running too!

  • HIIT Running Intervals
  • Meet: 
  • Swanbourne Cricket Club, Allen Park, Swanbourne.

High Intensity Interval Training involves short and sharp running intervals, ensuring you have plenty of opportunity to rest in between each burst.

This session is particularly beginner friendly due to the frequent recovery breaks & time based running, meaning you travel at your own pace & complete your own distance at the same time as everyone else.

Elite runner’s also use HIIT, so if you’re an established runner, prepare to be challenged!

  • Tempo Running
  • Meet: Manners Hill Park, Peppermint Grove

Tempo running is a pace and intensity that is between our aerobic (endurance/easy running) and anaerobic threshold, which can be described as moderately hard. Tempo running is important in building strength, endurance and in turn, running economy. As always, we incorporate running specific drills and ensure variety each week.

Long steady running is a relatively comfortable run pace held for a long duration.

Duration and distance is adjusted as appropriate, typically ranging from 50 minutes to 90 minutes, fitting part of a carefully designed program. This can be modified to each individual to ensure runners are progressively loading safely (reducing risk of injury).

Long runs are predominantly based in the Western Suburbs of Cottesloe, Swanbourne, Mosman Park & Claremont, but from time to time we visit City Beach, Kings Park, Fremantle and surrounds.

Every week the meet point & course changes to ensure variety in both scenery and terrain, not to mention visiting a range of our favourite local cafes and beaches post run.

Prerequisite: Ideally you can run 40 minutes continuously (doesn’t have to be fast). If not, we recommend coming to a weekday session first, or getting in contact with coach Scarlett.