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About DOSE Perth

DOSE Perth is all about the recreational runner, we’re about much much much more than simply performance outcomes and running splits.

We love life, appreciate balance and use running as a catalyst to enhance life across the board. By running, you’re choosing a life of success. Our three pillars, MOVEMENT, NATURE & COMMUNITY bring the ultimate running experience to you right here in Perth.

Our comprehensive classes integrate running specific drills and Pilates to support optimal movement and reduce your risk of injury, you’ll move and run with a sense of ease and efficiency.

Paired with interesting and dynamic running sets, we guarantee variety on all fronts – intensity, duration, terrain, scenery, strategy. We take care of the programming so you can rest assured the training load is appropriate and will keep you running regardless of your motivation, be that running for enjoyment or for an event/goal. So what is a recreational runner?

  • Learning or Returning to Running –we have a class especially for you!.
  • Running as part of a healthy lifestyle & social activity.
  • Goal focused whilst managing career/family/social priorities.

Oh, and one last promise, we’re full of awesome tricks to support and challenge runners of varying paces and abilities in the same class, you’ll never get left behind. You can watch testimonies here, check us out on instagram here.

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