Kids Adventure Running

2024 Term 1 OPEN NOW + More Classes to be Announced Soon

We’re looking forward to another amazing year with you all in 2024.

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Thank you for supporting my small business and allowing me to share my passion and knowledge with our next generation of runners.

More than just running

Sessions are designed to improve technique, coordination, agility and endurance, while having fun at the same time!

Scarlett’s qualifications, ongoing professional development and full-time dedication to DOSE ensure the program exceeds your typical ‘run club’. We value long term athlete development and cover psychological, technical, tactical and physical preparation. Our program applies age appropriate training principles such as variety, specificity, individualisation, progressive overload and skill acquisition. We prioritise long term athlete development, harness windows of opportunity as age appropriate and build happy, resilient athletes.

Booking is essential, no casual attendance. In 2021, 2022 and 2023 all of our classes were fully booked out. Places are limited.

Classes are lead by: Qualified & Passionate Coach, Pilates Instructor,  S&C Coach, Ultra-marathoner, Scarlett Duncan

(BSc Health Science spec. Exercise & Sport Science)


  • All Junior after-school sessions meet at under the Pavilion at Manners Hill Park, Peppermint Grove.
  • All before-school sessions locations vary, this is specified alongside the class. with Google Map links in confirmation emails.
  • 8 week term, complimenting and aligning with the school sports calendar (athletics, cross-country and court and field seasonal sports)
  • We always consider the conditions and in summer utilise shade for activities and shady running routes, and implement more frequent hydration breaks.
  • In the instance that your child has a medical exemption, we will credit their attendance to the following term pro-rata.

The adventure awaits...

In addition to FUN, our primary focus  is about nurturing kids confidence so that they have opportunities to practice and improve athleticisms most foundational movement, running.; 

Running is a skill that can be refined and enhanced to improve efficiency and therefor performance, and longevity (enjoyment of running pain free throughout your life).

In addition to FUN, our primary focus is about nurturing kids confidence so that they have opportunities to practice and improve athleticisms most foundational movement, running.

 Running is a skill that can be refined and enhanced to improve efficiency and therefor performance and longevity (enjoyment of running pain free throughout your life).


2) Mechanics

3) Rhythm & Coordination 

Youth development is a valuable time to focus on moving well and having effective ground contact.

Ground contact refers to the foot contact on the ground, however it’s not just about the foot, it’s actually about our entire kinetic chain and how we can transfer power & strength.

Some of the activities & adventures we’ve experienced this term have been (vary upon location/environment)

 Beach/soft sand sprint session

→ Hill sprints with walk back recovery

→ Trail tracks for variety and strength endurance, technical element

→ Team relays 

→ Running based games

→ High Intensity Intervals (HIIT training) with long recovery breaks

→ Small doses of barefoot running – assists with proprioception

→ Single leg strength & skills 

We often include long yet ‘comfortable’ ‘chatting’ pace warm-ups to help kids enjoy running in a stress free state. Endurance Olympians tend to do 80% of their training in this state/zone.

It also gives us opportunity to explore, and as you know, our environment can elicit an enthusiastic state of mind, supporting kids to expand their comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Those with a medical condition must provide a written action plan to the coach and provide any appropriate medication.
Asthma – Asthmatics will be required to bring an asthma puffer regardless of the perceived risk of an attack. Participation will be denied without refund if medication is not carried, we appreciate your understanding as we take the safety of children very seriously. Coaches can carry medication on behalf of your child.