Running Reimagined [10km Level 1]

Level 1 10km

Have you dreamt of running with a sense of ease?
Have you felt overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information online?
Have you ever wished you could ask questions as you go?

This course is for the novice runner who:

  • Can currently run for 5km (no pace is too slow!)
  • Work towards running or run-walking your first 10km
  • Would like to follow a time-based ‘run-walk’ strategy to improve your aerobic capacity and endurance
  • Be seen and heard with realistic yet interesting running sessions
  • Have access to Pilates and Run Specific Drills that will help you prime your body for running
  • Live Q&A sessions with your coach, Scarlett Duncan
  • Bite sized running education to help you understand and experience effective training

12 Week Course Inclusions:

  • Run Program
  • Movement Library Subscription
  • Movement Kit
  • Coach & Community Support
  • Bonus course material!
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