RSDs x 3 basics

Plyo & Run Specific Drills
By: DOSE Running

If you’ve ever had the urge to hang out in hamstring stretches before you run, it’s recommended you keep it dynamic, rather than passive.
– Dynamic Hamstring Scoops: enjoy a stretch along your posterior chain (back line of your body) and get lot’s of joints involved in the movement. Our version helps set you up for good running posture, with slight spinal extension to counter rounded shoulders or slumped posture.
– Low leg skip: demands lower limb strength and range of motion, combining strength with ankle mobility. There is always the option integrate your arm circles and enjoy the chest stretch.
– High Pull Skip: this is most similar to our running gait, and encourages us to draw up the foot to our sit bone, allowing us to clear more ground with each step, whilst also landing close to our centre of mass.

Drill out for 30-80m, then walk or jog back before moving onto the next drill.
The distance or duration will depend on your experience and general strength and fitness, I recommend you stop before fatigue.