DE-M- Fluidity for Form 1

By: DOSE Running

Ooooh this is a goodie!
For the stiff and tight titans, this will help with healthy joint range of motion and a sense of fluidity and ease when running.
For the more flexible (and sometimes floppy/boundy runner) this range of motion requires active engagement of your muscles so you too can feel ready to run without hanging out in stretches.

Find you stride!

Fluidity for Form touches on three planes of motion, sagittal (what we do when we run), along with the transverse and frontal plane.

Kickstand Series
– Thoracic rotation
– Supported hip hinging
– Hip hinge thrust

Sumo Lateral Lunge
– Rainbow
– Low Ninja

Runners Lunge

Dynamic Down-dog

Spinal Articulation, leading you to standing ready for run drills &/or running