I believed that I didn’t have the body type to be able to run far or fast… then I ran a sub 2 hour half marathon!

A runner crosses the finish line of a race
A runners Garmin watch reads data from their run, 21.1km in 1 hour and 57 minutes

Featuring DOSE Runner Lauren Love

“I grew up loving running as a child, however, in my teenage/adult years, my love for running disappeared and I never thought it would be something I could get back. I believed that I didn’t have the body type to be able to run far or fast. 

Moving to Scarborough a few years ago peaked my interest in running again, as there were always so many people running along the coast. I went for my first run (in a long while) approximately two years ago and could barely run for five minutes without needing to stop

I shortly gave up on running as I found it too hard, until one day I came across DOSE Running’s Instagram account. I loved what DOSE stood for, and the idea that I could one day enjoy running seemed too good to be true.

My first goal with Scarlett was to be able to run 5-10km without stopping… never did I think I would find myself wanting to train for a marathon like I am now. When I started with Scarlett, I was participating in gym fitness workouts 4-5x per week which were primarily strength focussed. I am an Exercise Physiologist by background so always thought it was important to practice what you preach.

However, Scarlett taught me that it was important for me to learn to balance running and gym and not burn myself out. Early on in my run programming, I found myself wanting to push 110%, believing this was the only way I was going to improve my fitness. With time, patience, and education (from Scarlett), it was evident to me that it was just as important to do easy runs, as these could be of most benefit. As soon as I was comfortable enough to let my speed slow down (and my HR), I found myself being able to run faster, further, and with less fatigue.

My confidence with running started to improve, and I signed myself up for social run clubs and trail run events. I found the running community to be incredibly supportive, and it was great to run with others. I have been very fortunate that my husband (who is a runner), has frequently joined me on my long runs (making the time go a little quicker, thanks Sam!).

In October 2022, I ran my first half marathon in 2 hours 20 minutes (6.38 /km). Unfortunately, I was sick a few weeks before the event which impacted on my fitness levels however was still motivated to do the run. I cried tears of joy when I finished the half, I was so proud of how far I had come with the help of Scarlett and was so excited to continue to improve. 

In April 2023 I ran a 5km PB of 24.44 (4.56 /km) and following this on 9 July 2023 ran a half marathon in under two hours (5.35/km) (with Sam by my side, which was really lovely).

Running has been highly beneficial to many other aspects of my life – I am better able to manage stress, have reduced anxiety, increased confidence in social/fitness situations, am surrounded by a great community of likeminded individuals and am inspired to do better.

I found being consistent was key for me, which was made very easy through Scarlett’s programming and all the mental (and physical) benefits that come with running. I can’t wait to continue my running journey with Scarlett well into the latter years of my life and I am looking forward to running my first (and probably not my last) marathon in October”