Lululemon x DOSE Running bring the community together in celebration of all things running. This is not a race, it’s not even about pace

It’s about sharing your stride, connecting with others, embracing the elements and carrying the running momentum with you throughout the rest of your day!


We’re all out there together, and if you’re seeking something a little shorter or a little longer, we’ve got you sorted:


In store run activation with Scarlett before we lace up and venture into the dark for an adventure.

Run from St Quinton Ave, across Claremont Station and Shenton Road.

We run on backroads Shenton Pl and The Cedus, hit Lake Claremont and run on the Path.


Keep the lake to their inside/right side. At Cresswell park add a lap of the oval, kick on and there is one more ‘loop lap’ on a trail part.

Then we kick on keeping the lake to our inside/right side until we get back to the start of the lake loop, then they retrace steps back to lululemon.

Long course map:



As seen on this map, we all head out at the trail and part at Cresswell Park. Short course will turn back almost retracing steps, although this time being on the Scotch Playing Fields.

Short course map:


If together could be up the top then in long course and short course could sit below side by side in two columns that would be awesome. Perhaps with a picture with each.

Ps. Bring your head torch, a torch or your phone torch at the least. You’re beating the sunrise, and trust me it’s ironically one of the most energising ways to start your day.


Scarlett xx