Running Reimagined (100% Personal Program)

Have you dreamt of running with a sense of ease?
Have you felt overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information online?
Have you ever wished you could ask questions as you go?

Running Reimagined is online coaching and programming designed 100% for you with ongoing support and full time dedicated coach, Scarlett Duncan. I meet you where you’re at right now and help you enjoy the process as you move toward your goal.

  • Personal training plan
  • Coach support, I’m alongside you the entire way
  • Live program, accessible to you on:
    • the app
    • on desktop
    • synced direct to your sports watch, making sessions hassle free
  • Access to all your data, real time
  • Detailed session prescription, including intensity distribution, heart rate zones and personal pace guides
  • Ongoing schedule adjustments, as necessary
  • Be seen and heard with realistic yet interesting running sessions
  • Optional access to Pilates and Run Specific Drills that will help you prime your body for running
  • Bite sized running education to help you understand and experience effective training

Billed monthly, minimum 3 month commitment.

Before committing to your goals, book your complimentary, no obligation call with Scarlett today.

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