Meet Scarlett

DOSE Running® was founded in late 2019 by Scarlett Duncan.

Scarlett holds a bachelors degree in Preventative Health Specialising in Exercise and Sports Science.

She’s an Athletics Australia Qualified Coach & a Certified Pilates Instructor.

Matching her qualifications, her enthusiasm, care and passion are second to none.

Despite competing at a national level there was something that brought more joy and fulfilment to Scarlett than her own running success.

It was helping others experience the ‘DOSE effect’ (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins), known as the happy hormones.

Whilst also supporting recreational runners from the beginner through to marathon runner to successfully achieve their goals. Run pain free, injury free, as well as ensuring the training process is interesting, fun, sustainable and effective. Every runner has a different ‘optimal DOSE’.

Frustrated with the quality of coaching available to the recreational runner, Scarlett made the jump from coaching casually for 10+ years whilst working in Public Health Research and Promotion, to putting all her focus & energy into DOSE.

Scarlett works with athletes (including those who don’t call themselves that!) acknowledging their various commitments such as career, family & social lives.

Scarlett also places a big emphasis on movement as a whole, her method includes the integration of running specific drills, Pilates & overall training load management and progression.

DOSE Running® is based in the Western Suburbs, Perth, as well as being available online.

She walks (runs) the talk and despite living with an autoimmune disease, Scarlett competes in ultra-marathon trail running where she’s pretty familiar with the podium!

Running and racing injury free is a credit to her programming, Pilates and wholistic approach to training whilst enjoying life!


If you’d like to join one of our group sessions, or experience a private session with me, please feel free to contact me on 0429183797, or alternatively you can fill out the online form at the bottom of this page. 

Take the first step, I’ll be right there alongside you!


Contact Scarlett

0429 183 797