“When we run, our spirits fly… for 80 sandy kilometres”


DOSE Running crew represented across all categories at the Margaret River Ultramarathon

Scarlett Duncan, 2nd Female, 9th overall Founder of DOSE Running
Solo Pack, featuring Women’s winner, Meg, Dose runner’s Cam and Scarlett, plus some other great company
Coach Nathaniel
Podium Finish!
Ross Gearing
Mark Powell
Scarlett Duncan 8.39 silver/ 9th overall Dawn & Em: 9:04 Mixed: Holly, Kris, Kate S, Tony, Kate B:
Liane Maraldi: 11:20 Mark & Ross: 9:41 Mixed: Annie & Rob + mates
Cam Barron: DNF Female: Renee, Elisa, Steph, Maddi, Donnelle: 8:42
Male: Matt, Hamish, Thomas, Nathaniel: (bronze) 7:10

We can’t rave about this event enough, the course is magnificent. One minute your deep in the forest, tall trees looming over you, soft beds of leaves across the ground, then the next minute you’re running across sand dunes, rock hopping right next to the ocean, weaving in single tracks that wind through the low bush, overlooking the expansive horizon and surfing points. If you’re speedy enough, you finish in daylight, if not you have until midnight to get it done, the dark of the night adding to the challenge and the adventure.

The conditions were perfect, which saw course records broken. Of course, these kinds of events aren’t a given, they are a challenge which sometimes involves falls, nausea or even making the tough decision to call it a day and not complete the course.

Unfortunately for Cam, who despite his training had been incredibly consistent, had to call it early, 66.6kms, painfully close to the finish. I think it’s really important to mention this, as Cam stated “not all events go to plan, you can’t build resilience without forging through some hardship and loss”. Cam is grateful for the experience and has fire in his belly for the next challenge. Fear of failure stops so many from even trying, allowing yourself to fail really is part of the process to success. We know you’ve got some amazing performances ahead of you Cam and can’t wait to celebrate those with you.

Liane, completing her longest ultra to date, ran it in 11 hours and 20 minutes, charging through the finish line with hands in the air celebrating what had been an enjoyable and outstanding day for her. Our teams had intertwined with her along the way with everyone noting how focused, strong, yet relaxed she looked. Like Cam, Liane has had racing moments stretching her far beyond her comfort zones, and it was evident that those experiences contributed to her stella performance at MRUM.

Our duo women, Em and Dawn are serious business. I think I spent more of my coaching energy ensuring they didn’t overtrain than anything else. Being busy mums, they juggled their training around work, study and family, joining squad sessions and following their program in their own time to get the km’s in before stepping up to the start line. Finishing their duo in 9 hours and 4 minutes as they alternated course legs. Em was still all smiles despite a gnarly stack, scratching up her knees and hands big time.

Our duo men, Mark and Ross crossed the line in 9 hours and 41 minutes. We’re all questioning Marks’s decision to rope in Ross to complete leg 3, whilst Mark covered the rest of the distance. That’s because Ross ran the second fastest time 1 hour 43 minutes, and if you were smart about it, you’d choose someone a little slower to give yourself a better chance to recover!

It was a podium finish for coach Nathaniel’s team ‘Forrest Grump’, Matt, Hamish and Thomas who took bronze for the men’s teams category. Grump was a questionable choice, these guys were making it look easy, and certainly held a smile with a beer in their hand at the finish, which they made in just 7 hours and 10 minutes.

Not the most original team name ever ‘DOSE Running Team 1’ now referred to as blonde bombshells (Renee, Elisa, Steph, Maddi and Donnelle) completed their 80km in 8 hours and 42 minutes. This incredibly switched on group of women supported each other through training and took their strengths to the course! Notably, Steph got roped into this with just 9 weeks notice. Not previously being a runner, plus with a history of patellofemoral pain, we worked together closely to prepare her for the most notorious section of the course…. Leg 3. Steph smashed it, running it in 2 hours 18 minutes, injury free. I asked Steph to pick a highlight moment, instead she came back with “I had the BEST day”…. and that scaling the rock with the metal chain (yes it was pretty much vertical) was a bit of a ‘you’re joking’ moment. We definitely didn’t emphasis just how tough leg 3 is when we convinced her to join.

Team ‘Play Time’ had our youngest runner, Holly (14) set off at Hamelin Bay, followed by Kris, Kate, Tony, and Kate who really brought it home, completing the adventure in 9 hours and 31 minutes.

Team ‘I Thought This Was a 5k?’ Annie and Rob got their mates onboard, completing it 8 hours and 48 minutes. This was Annie’s first trail run, go Annie! Team events are awesome, you get to share the emotions, you have to commit to your training in the lead up, and no doubt push that little bit harder knowing your team are waiting for you at the next check point.

For myself, the experience was unreal. Leading our DOSE Running crew through a 10 week trail program, and getting to step up to the start line alongside them, and stride across the same terrain as them was my absolute highlight. I get asked a lot about what I think about out there…

Walking to the start line with my supportive parents and fellow solo DOSE athletes Liane and Cam, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy, so much so, I almost felt I could burst into happy tears. Excitement, nerves, gratitude and a strong sense of feeling like I was exactly where I was mean to be in that moment in time.

During the race, I really found my flow state. I wasn’t reflecting or planning, I felt 100% present. Running has always been moving meditation for me and I felt relaxed and as comfortable as you’re going to be when you’re running a sandy 80km chasing the lead runner!

Cross the finishing line with the cheer of the crowd was super uplifting. Legs down, pure ache, waist up, ECSTATIC!

Thank you so much to the Rapid Ascent Crew for putting on such an epic event, and to all the volunteers and support crew that help make it such a successful day, and to every single runner that we got to share the trails with.


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