Junior Cross-Country Racing Tips


With 10 years of coaching experience, over 100 juniors enrolled across our Term 2 Adventure Running Programs, coach Scarlett shares with you her top tips for supporting junior runners through their school cross-country.

We recognise that every runner is different, their natural ability, their experience, mentality and approach to their race, hence our coaches are always happy to chat with your junior runner after class, we love questions and helping our runners to get the best out of themselves.

An example of how individual assistance can develop your junior athlete further:

Junior athlete “I am always coming first, but then on the last lap the other runner sprints past me”

Coach “Are you leading for the first two laps?”

Athlete “Yes”

Coach “Try allowing the other runner to lead for the first two laps, then see if you can take the lead on the last lap”

The result for this junior meant ‘winning’ their next school PE training session. More importantly they have learnt a new strategy.

We also understand that for some kids, the cross-country carnival might bring anxiety, be it performance anxiety, or negative past experiences that result in dreading the day. Our Adventure Program and School’s program fosters all abilities and and we happily help all kids develop a race day strategy that suits them. Most importantly, we look to ignite their enjoyment in the training process, which is the foundation for their full potential to be realised.

In addition to our Adult Rec Group Sessions and Schools Run Clubs, you can learn more about our 5 star ‘Kids Adventure Running’ Program here.

We nurture and enhance running specific skill, endurance strength and technique appropriate to age and key developmental stages of youth.