Double Leg Hamstring Bridge: Chair assisted

Activate Prehab Exercises
By: DOSE Running

This variation of the double leg hamstring bridge not only engages the hamstrings, but also demands strength through the glute max and hip stabilisers.
Whilst you enjoy the strengthening benefits of this, we’ve incorporated spinal mobility by encouraging smooth articulation of the vertebrae.

Check that your pelvis/hips are staying level, no tilting or wobbling.
Check that your front ribs stay soft without flaring, we want the drive of this action to come from the glutes and the pubic bone.
At your highest point aim for one long line of extension throughout your body, yet also ensure you have weight evening across the shoulders rather than placing pressure onto your neck.
Stay soft and open through the collarbone and allow your breathe to guide you through this movement. Inhale to prepare, exhale to press and articulate up.